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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Sommer, Udi and Rappel-Kroyzer, Or, 2022, “Pandemic Politics in the USA: COVID-19 as a New Type of Political Emergency”, Political Psychology 43(4) 769-792, DOI: 10.1111/pops.12792

Sommer, Udi and Rappel-Kroyzer, Or, 2022, “Online Coverage of the COVID-19 Outbreak in Anglo-American Democracies: Internet News Coverage and Pandemic Politics in the USA, Canada and New Zealand” Journal of Information Technology & Politics19(4), 393-410, DOI: 10.1080/19331681.2021.1997869

Books and Papers under Review

Rappel-Kroyzer, Or and Sommer, Udi, Political Behavior in the Age of COVID-19, book proposal under review

Sommer, Udi and Rappel-Kroyzer, Or “COVID-19 and the 2020 Presidential Elections: A Stress Test for Theories of Voting Behavior”, under review

Sommer, Udi and Rappel-Kroyzer, Or, “The political Nature of the Gender Gap in COVID-19 Vaccinations”, under review

Sommer, Udi and Rappel-Kroyzer, Or, “Political Epidemiology: Quantifying Simultaneity between Political Behavior and Pandemics”, under review

Sommer, Udi and Rappel-Kroyzer, Or, “COVID-19 Vaccination as a Political Behavior: Political, Policy and Psychological Effects”, under review

Conference Papers


Societa Italiana de Sienza Politica, “The Socio-political Nature of the Gender Gap in COVID-19 Vaccinations: An Ecological Analysis” (with Udi Sommer)

The 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies, “Computational Analysis of the Halachic Literature created by Sepharadi Rabbis in Israel, 1967-2020” (with Zvi Zohar and Yanir Marmor)

Midwest Political Science Association, “Deus Ex
Machina: How COVID-19 Changed Mass Political Behavior from Lockdowns to
Elections and Vaccines” (with Udi Sommer, online)

Broadening Our Approach: A Workshop on Comparative
Political Communication, DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, Duke
University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, “A Paradigm
Shift in the Understanding of Political Campaigns Based on NLP Tools” (with Udi Sommer)

American Political Science Association Annual Meeting,  
“Quantifying Polarization at Sub-State Levels: A Methodological and
Substantive Framework using Election Outcome Shift (EOS)” (with Udi Sommer, online)


SolarPACES,  ”Valuing Thermal Energy Storage in CSP Systems”, (with Udi Helman)


Rappel-Kroyzer, O; Raphael, A; Karavany, I; Kom, S; Chanovsky, A; Avidan, E and Bolless, E,
Clustering Event Information for Vehicle Navigation. WO 2020154599. Published Jul 30, 2020.

Rabani, M; Ben-Hamo, M. Schwartz, M; Rosenberg-Biton, E; Shay, Y; Rappel-Kroyzer, O. Systems and Methods for Monitoring Lane Mark Quality. WO2022149046A1. Published July 14, 2022.

Bolless, E; Karavany, I; Neuhof, B; Rappel-Kroyzer, O; Shpigelman, S; Ben-Ami, H; Aviad, E, Systems and Methods for Determining Road Safety, WO 2021096935A2, published Jul 28, 2022